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  • 2015

    Starting from 2015 until the end of March 2016, RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division works together with Ericsson Romania on the implementing of White Zone project for Orange Romania, having a main role in the following activities: negotiation and signing leases contracts, design of the sites, obtaining building permits, supply and installation of the telecommunication pylons, equipment installation and integration, along with the electric connection for more than 75 new sites

  • 2014

    RADCOM launches the online platform that offers access to e-commerce solutions for small Romanian manufacturers (

  • 2013

    Since November 2013 RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division is entrepreneur of RCS – RDS and contributed in a large part to the deployment of over 500 telecommunication sites

  • 2011-2013

    RADCOM enlarges its portfolio by implementing the following solutions:

    • ePacient solutions for the Diagnostic Medical Center, Outpatient Treatment and Preventive Medicine - Bucharest
    • SaaS medical record system with virtualization and call center for Provita Diagnostic and Treatment Medical Center
    • e-ticketing system for operational flow monitoring for public transport administrations.
  • 2010

    RADCOM continues the execution of the existing frame contracts of telecommunication network implementation with: Orange Romania, Alcatel-Lucent, NEC, Huawei, Alvarion, ZTE, Tadiran;

    RADCOM is responsible for "Power Supply execution" within "Telecommunication technical site preparation" Schengen projects for SPECIAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE;

    the R&D department launches its own product, WEBShop – on-line shop dedicated to GSM Operators.

  • 2009

    RADCOM is responsible with three Schengen projects for SPECIAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICE:

    • “Telecommunication technical site preparation”
    • “Installation and commissioning of microwave links”
    • "Installation and commissioning of wide spectrum radio access equipment"

    the R&D department delivers to Orange Romania an integrated platform of SS7 signaling and VOIP services.

  • 2008

    RADCOM signs an agreement with Oradea Public Transport Administration for an integrate system of traffic management, dispatching and traveling information;

    - RADCOM is certified according to ISO 18001 standard for the management system of occupational security;

    - RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division installed 75 towers barred, 3 tubular towers, 1 site nodal high capacity tower 70 m and surface wind 52 square meters and more than 85 shelters. We have also built more than 60 locations on terraces and we have equipped more than 40 buildings with indoor antennas systems.

    - Starting with December 2008 RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division built around 100 sites for Romtelecom – CDMA-450 mobile network;

    - RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division installs and tests NEC microwave equipment on more than 500 sites of Orange Romania;

    - RADCOM works at the implementation of Vodafone 3G network with Huawei equipment;

    - France Telecom re-certifies RADCOM as an agreed supplier of IT Services for Orange Group.

  • 2007

    RADCOM signs a contract with Bacau public transport administration in order to deliver a monitoring system of public transportation fleet, dispatching and electronic taxation system;

    Timisoara Public Transport Administration becomes business partner, using RADCOM's fleet monitoring and management solution

    Brasov Public Transport Administration signs a contract with RADCOM for fleet management and dispatching system for local transport and info system for traveling;

    RADCOM becomes technical and content aggregator for video, non-video and text content for Orange Moldova;

    RADCOM obtains the ISO 14001 standard certificate;

    RADCOM starts RF survey and design for Orange România;

    RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division installs 30 towers, 1 site nodal high capacity tower, more than 50 shelters and 5 generator sets for Orange Romania;

    RADCOM involves in the implementation of Orange 3G network with Huawei equipment.

  • 2006

    the Telecommunication Networks Division starts civil works deployment for Orange Romania, building new 3G sites in Bucharest and in other cities;

    France Telecom nominates RADCOM on its list of service aggregator partners. The selection is a result of an auction process;

    Orange Romania partnership is extended with a contract for service development, test activity, maintenance and support;

    RADCOM becomes technical and content aggregator for mobile video services for Orange Romania;

    RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division is the local contractor for Orange Romania and Alvarion for installation, commissioning, maintenance and support services for Orange WiMax project; we installed and commisioned more than 500 base stations and 5000 CPEs in main cities of ROMANIA.

    RADCOM implements an Automatic Weather Observing System (AWOS) consisting in acquisition, monitoring and automatic control of meteorological sensors for 13 national airports for Romanian Air Traffic Services Administration (ROMATSA).

  • 2005

    the Telecommunication Networks Division takes part in the inventory process of Orange Romania major sites (more than 1600 sites).

    RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division executes ALCATEL-LUCENT - MOTOROLA SWAP – ORANGE ROMANIA:

    • All the BTSs: 600 sites with 1-3 BTSs in 9 months
    • 3 regions FLM: Sibiu, Targu Mures, Oradea

  • 2004

    A new partnership with Orange Romania is signed. It involves analysis and software development, integration, project management, web application development, licenses and software products delivery, and support

    As a subcontractor of ALCATEL-LUCENT, RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division installed more than 1000 Romtelecom ADSL/SDH sites and switches and commissioned more than 250 ADSL/SDH sites across Romania

    the Telecommunication Networks Division starts installation and commissioning of NEC MW links for Telemobil for more than 200 links

    the Telecommunication Networks Division participates in civil works implementation on COSMOTE sites.

  • 2003

    RADCOM signs 3 new contracts with local public transport companies: „Asocierea Siletina -Transport Local" S.A., Targu Mures for Traffic Dispatch System; RATUC Cluj Napoca and RATUC CTP Arad for a monitoring system via satellite (pilot project);

    RADCOM develops the WebCare & WebShop Portal for Orange Romania, in collaboration with the French company NETONOMY;

    the Telecommunication Networks Division together with ALCATEL works on the implementation of the communication system for Eastern Romanian Border security (transmission way along three main counties: Galati, Vaslui and Iasi);

    the Telecommunication Networks Division is involved in the deployment of a new fixed national telecom network for the Romanian Electricity Transport Company – Transelectrica SA, together with Areva - Alstom France.

  • 2002

    the R&D department develops CRONOS Platform which includes notification services via SMS; thus, RADCOM becomes agreed supplier for Orange Romania.

    - the Telecommunication Networks Division starts the installation and commissioning of voice and data equipment for Orange Romania network (site survey and design, civil works implementation).

  • 2001

    RADCOM signs a contract with RATP Ploiesti for public transport monitoring system;

    RADCOM Telecommunication Networks Division participates till 2003 in a Bulgarian GSM project consisting of installation installation for aerial system – GSM cables and panel antennas, MOTOROLA BTSs, the power supply and alarm systems.

    the Telecommunication Networks Division expands its services for Alcatel – Lucent in more than 20 countries in South Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America.

    the Telecommunication Networks Division built and equipped over 600 sites for MobilRom

    the R&D department develops for MobilRom/Orange the first WAP Portal in Romania.

  • 2000

    RADCOM starts an AVI project for Metrorex Bucharest in cooperation with Dimetronic Spain, as Romanian representative for Amtech U.S.A.;

    the Telecommunication Networks Division installs and commissions equipment for more than 300 sites for COSMOROM (installation and commissioning of aerial system, Ericsson and Siemens Base Stations, and Alcatel and Ericsson Microwave links equipment);

    RADCOM R&D develops for ELICOM (content aggregator for Orange Romania) Voice and SMS InfoServices.

  • 1999

    As a result of the auction organized by the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information, RADCOM starts implementation of the National Spectrum Monitoring System for radio frequencies as a Tadiran subcontractor;

    Reuters launches a new financial information service for Constanta, based on a mobile communication system designed and operated by RADCOM.

  • 1998

    RADCOM becomes subcontractor for both ALCATEL and MOTOROLA for installation and commissioning of base station and microwave equipment;

    RADCOM obtains the ISO 9001 standard certificate for its services and products quality.

  • 1997 - 1998

    RADCOM opens two important business units responsible for the sales of Orange services and products, and also a national service network;

    RADCOM builds for Romtel the first nation-wide paging network based on satellite transmission;

    the R&D department develops a SCADA project for RAJAC Constanta.

  • 1997

    RADCOM sets up the Telecommunication Networks Division and signs the contract for telecom infrastructure installation and authorization with MobilRom (Orange Romania);

    The newly launched R&D department sets up the first national digital distribution of a newspaper for "Romania Libera" (from editorial office to printing houses).

  • 1996

    RADCOM participates as founder of MobilRom consortium with Alcatel, France Telecom Tomen and Media Group at the international auction organized by the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information, bidding for one of the GSM 900 MHz licenses

  • 1995 - 1996

    RADCOM introduces in Romania the MPT 1327 trunking technology for radio operating systems

  • 1993 - 1995

    RADCOM wins multiple public auctions organized by the Romanian Ministry of Communication and Information for operating licenses for conventional repeaters in more than 40 locations in Romania;

    RADCOM starts marketing Maxon’s cellular NMT technology product line and becomes authorized support for Romania. It signs a service contract with Telefonica Romania.

  • 1993

    RADCOM is founded and becomes Maxon’s exclusive dealer for Romania; on the Romanian telecommunication market, RADCOM is both distributor and integrator